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Case Study: Finnish-Russian border

Geographical profile:

More than one-fifth of the total Finnish population lives in the regions bordering the Russian Federation. However, the population of the actual border municipalities (local administrative units) along the 1,300 kilometre long border is less than two hundred and fifty thousand. Some 436,000 inhabitants live in rayons (local administrative units) on the Russian side of the border. The overall population of the region is, thus, roughly 680,000 people.


Project Coordination: Dr. Ilkka Liikanen

Socio-economical political conditions

Since 1991 economic relations between Finland and Russia number of participatory actors have grown as many small companies have initiated cross-border links. These changes have led to a complete overhaul of trading patterns as well as other forms of internationalisation. Russia's political and economical instability, however, has caused fluctuations in trade flows has strongly declined the volume of direct investments Politically the situation on the area is stable. Despite the cession of territory after the continuation war there is no political discussion related to those areas at the moment.

Cross-border co-operation challenges

Many of the challenges of cross-border co-operation on border are related to above mentioned socio-economical conditions. Other big challenges are new soft security problems, including environmental problems, infectious diseases, illegal immigration, and smuggling of drugs and other illegal items. After the launching of Schengen treatment borders' status as eastern border of the EU has increased bureaucracy on the Russian visa applicants.

Overview of CBC -studies

Recent studies related to cross-border co-operation include e.g. following items; Paasi, A. (1996). Territories, Boundaries and Consciousness; Eskelinen, H, I. Liikanen & J. Oksa (eds.) (1997). Curtains of Iron and Gold. Eskelinen, H., E. Haapanen, Elisa & A. Izotov (1997), "The Emergence of Foreign Economic Activity in russian Karelia" Economic Monitoring of North-West Russia.